Nosy Be

Nosy Be is an island of 320 km², that is to say that starting from Hell city (capital of Nosy Be in the South West, going up to Andilana (north-west point), it takes 1 hour of road, and for go around the island, counting up to 3 hours, and leaving in the morning by renting a motorcycle or a car, you can easily go around the island for a first approach of Nosy Be, this without risk of losing you because Nosy be to a single road.

Nosy Be activites

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Activity on Earth in Nosy Be

Discovery of Mount Passot and sacred lakes
Horse ride
Tour of Nosy Be Island
Excursion to the Lokobe Reserve
Relaxation day on the most beautiful beach of NosyBe, Andilana
Discover the history and the culture via: visit of a distillery of Ylang Ylang, visit of the sacred tree, discovery of the local sport, the moranguy
Other leisure available according to your preferences: Golf, tennis, spa, massage, swimming pool,

Excursion at sea

Excursions to Nosy Tanikely, Madagascar Nature Reserve
Sea safari day in Nosy Sakatia
Bivouac in Nosy Iranja
Hiking in Nosy Komba
Discoveries of the islands above in underwater dives
Safari whales and / or whale sharks if you come in the right season

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Discover Nosy Be differently

It’s possible, but for this you need a different accommodation. For this, we do not offer the hotel but rather a mix, ie if you have 15 days in front of you and love the sea, it is possible to spend between 3 and 7 days in Nosy Be and leave for 7 days. days at sea, whether in catamaran north to explore the Mitsio Islands, or along the northwest coast of Madagascar in traditional dhows.

Useful information about Nosy Be